Wednesday, March 30, 2016

To Touch Inifinity

You know so many people of faith cling to this or that. They believe this or that. So what is true? What is true to anyone who is LGBT?

If you have faith, in whatever God you choose, know this. Divine power and inspiration created you. Which means there is divine power flowing in you. You are not a god and should not assume such but you are a part of one and a part of infinity.

Think about that. You are the culmination of your life. You are that tiny bit of infinity. You have been graced with the ability to do your minds will and be whoever you are. That power in you may be tiny in comparison to the whole but if you have not figured it out you are part of the whole.

Your story, your life adds to that which is infinity. You know when I hear others say this or that about divine judgment I sigh slightly and want to remind them you are only one part of something so massive, so grand how can you say what infinity is?

Know this, there is no battle between Heaven and Hell.  The only battle is within our own souls. Embrace  yourself and the expression of your soul. If it is pure no one can judge it wrong. If they try also know it is them who disobeys free will and the power granted to you.

So where do LGBT people of faith belong? They belong in the radiant rainbow that soars above after hate ceases to fall and true hearts shine. Infinity is a very very large place. And all things have their place.

Touch infinity! For it awaits you to share your story adding it's brilliance to the whole.

Love is Never Wrong!

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