Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Sacred Promise

When I began this journey to share things from my life I did not expect to open up so much. I have known a lot of hardship and pain.  This blog was never meant to be about me. However I try to fill voids in information with my own story now and then. My efforts are only to help and let others know it happens. Hopefully you can heal knowing someone else shares a pain like yours.

I try not to shame or hurt those in my life who have made mistakes with my words but I think sometimes it may. They are Human to and feel regret and pain themselves. I love them all. I have forgiven all who have hurt me and I hope if I have ever hurt them they to have forgiven me.

 Since I have opened up this path I need to finish walking it. This from here on is for one person only. That would be "T".

"T" I know you know of this blog. I love and care for you deeply. We have always been there for each other if we really needed something so know what I am about to say is only a reminder. You have a Sacred Promise to fulfill. I hope you are making atonement.

I won't say anymore. There has been to much pain over this and I still carry the pain from it. Please fulfill your promise.

Love is Never Wrong!

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