Monday, November 30, 2015


Sometimes in life we seek atonement. Usually we have caused harm to someone or some people, in some way.  Atonement is the act of setting  things right and seeking forgiveness. It is not always an easy path to undertake. Rest assured however it is one we all must take for our actions.

Life is not always kind and neither are people. We all get hurt, lonely, or desperate. In our pain, anguish, and rage sometimes we lash out. Sometimes it is grievous and cruel. Thankfully though most are not.

Whatever the reason for atonement it is one of those ancient steps to purge the soul of heavy and dark things. The greater the need for atonement the harder it is to achieve. Some acts are so dark it is unfathomable how to begin addressing them, but we must.

Atonement is a hard act to do. Sometimes we are so racked with pain we must forget or wait for a time before beginning. Usually we begin with seeking those who we hurt asking for forgiveness. When we can not get that, things get substantially more difficult.

One of the oldest ways to achieve forgiveness is lower ones self, take on a meek life, or one of suffering and pain. This, however, is not the method for lower transgressions. Monks and religious stringents used to flail themselves for such acts. They sought the path of pain as a both an offering to those they hurt and a way to move forward.

If we are lucky such extremes are not needed but a few, a very few, must walk in pain to find their way. It is a hard and lonely path and it certainly is not for the faint at heart. If your heart is true however and you face your self and your faults with honesty you can.

Everyone in life must choose how they can best atone. Sometimes we may have thousands of lifetimes worth of things to amend. Hopefully however it is just a phone call away. Either way we must atone and we must make the world better.

In order to move forward we must remember that which has caused pain and must honor it. We must set things right. For if we do not we walk a path that will consume us and trust me the path of the unatoned is bitter and cold.

Your probably asking why I am mentioning things usually relegated to religion. My reason is simple. All of us regardless of belief have a duty to one another. We are each others caretaker. We are each others strength. We are each others love.

When we falter we must mend the fabric we have torn. Yes the stitch and patch may remain for all to see. They may see your act and that may make you feel low or shamed. However also visible is the act of mending. You took the time and the love to return integrity to the whole. And that is beautiful.

We in the LGBT community have know so much pain, regret, and hardship. In our own anguish and rage we to have at times lashed out. We carry the burden of atonement as any other. And the simple truth is it began with us and it ends with us.

I can not tell you how to atone for things in your life or to get those who have hurt you to atone but I can tell you  love is and excellent step. If you have hurt, release love into the world. It will certainly take more than the energy of a wrong path but it is necessary.

Be good to each other, help each other, lift each other up , and love. These things are not just for the good times. They are for the dark ones as well. Show your heart and even if you can not get forgiveness from those you have hurt you can achieve it in humility and love.

To those of you who can not forgive let me remind you at some point it becomes you who are creating pain and darkness. Living in darkness and acting with a black heart serves only you and it does not heal you. It consumes you.

Be free! Be Love!

Love is Never Wrong!

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