Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lifting the Burden

Have you ever felt so hurt, abandoned, or even oppressed that you wish you could run off into some distant field and just let the storm in your life wash it all away? Maybe you were lied to, cheated on, hurt, or whatever but it turned your world into an exercise of pain.

I have dealt with so much pain in life and I know these feelings well. In my own case my openness, love, curiosity, and knack for not giving up on people has contributed to a good deal of it. There is one truth to all that however. That would be it begins and ends with me.

Whatever chain that binds your heart so dearly may hurt and cut ever so deep but it is a chain of your own placement. Do not mistake my words for placing blame upon yourself that is not my intent. However that which touches us is our own.

We choose to love, forgive, and smile. We also choose to hate, hurt, and cry. Yes things outside our hearts may be the cause of our pain but it is only there because we have opened our hearts to it. That's not a bad thing either.

All these pains, all these torturous pains are expressions of a loving heart. If you didn't love you could not feel pain. For there would be nothing to lose. And that my dear friends is a gentle and inconvenient truth of life.

I've mentioned before to incorporate all those dark things and pains in your life to your whole rather than casting them off or burying them in some deep hole. If you embrace that which hurts you you embrace love.

I know it may not seem apparent but it is true. Unravel each rope binding your heart, unlock every chain, and cut the barbed wire that cuts so deep. Weep those sweet tears of pain if you need but know it is your heart. Take each of those stones that weigh you down and use them to build a foundation of love.

Take them and build something wonderful. Take all those wonderful and painful lessons and share them with the world. Take all that pain and turn it into beautiful love. Forgive those who have caused you pain, sorrow, and tears.

You are a beautiful artist and your life is the masterpiece of its entirety. Embrace all those shadows in your heart. That darkness accents the light. It lets us appreciate the day. It gives us purpose to shine. Because hiding in the dark can be scary and only leads to us losing our way.

Lift each of those burdens plaguing your heart and let the rain wash away the dirt and blood. And when the storm passes let the radiant sun shine upon your face, warm your soul, and dry your wet shivering body.

Live, Love, Forgive!

Love is Never Wrong!

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