Thursday, November 26, 2015


Today in the U.S. is our holiday of Thanksgiving. It is a simple holiday where you celebrate the blessings of the year and those in your life. Traditionally you gather with friends and family and feast on special foods, sharing in the bounty.

This year I want to give thanks to a few people that I can not directly. First and foremost I'd like to thank the sweet lady I met the other day while shopping. Your smile was warm and your kind and friendly chat was most welcome. You cheered this old soul up. It was refreshing. Thank you!

I am thankful also to all the people I have loved in my time. You all have added something to my life. Be they have been good or bad I still hold you all dear. Yes even those of you who hurt me so. So I wish unto you this day peace, love, and much grace.

Finally and certainly not least I am thankful for "M".  I don't think I ever told you just how much I loved you. You were the magical dream. You made me feel like no one else. With a single look you could brighten my world.

I can say with all surety if I could fall into your arms once again I would. But I also can say we would have to address the issues that parted us. Forgiveness is already there. You know that. I have told you that. Some may call me crazy for doing that and maybe they are right. But at least my insanity is love.

My heart has so wanted to tell you so many things I never got to say and share so many insights you never knew. Heaven knows I have many questions for you. But all that aside I have love for you still in my heart.

Maybe it wouldn't work or maybe it would. I guess this heart is saying you always have a place in it. Maybe in the time hereafter I can tell you all those wonderful things I hold inside. And hopefully I can once again hold you in warm embrace. I wish you most especially love and peace.

To all of you my dear readers please be thankful of those in your life. Celebrate the success' you have achieved this year and be proud you were blessed by such love and wonder. May you always find love.

Love is Never Wrong!

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