Friday, November 13, 2015


Sometimes one of the biggest crimes to people is being innocent. They mock you, call you naive, even say your the problem. It is a bitter irony for a society to prey upon the new or unknowing. It's like a wolf stealing a baby simply because the baby didn't know to crawl away or cry out.

In my own life I have been rather innocent. The world I grew up in was rather tame. Honesty was respected. You didn't hurt people. Most certainly you did your best to help others. And yes you loved those in your life, however they played a role.

So many people I have met along my journey have done double takes that I was for real with my lack of worldliness or savy. I most certainly have been used, lied to, mocked, cheated upon, and hurt. Most of the time they did so simply because they knew they could abuse my trust.

For a long time I blamed myself for not knowing or understanding. I blamed myself for not being more observant or questioning. However with time I have come to realize I was not the one in error. I was not the one causing harm.

There are people in life so set in a path of exploitation that they only wish to get what they want. They do not think of others or if they do its for their own goals. If you ever have the misfortune of meeting any of them please know innocence is not a fault. It is instead a good trait.

If you don't know something, have never been taught, or encountered something or someone that is not a fault of yours. It's ok to to be unaware and naive. If more in the world were like that maybe there would be fewer fights, and less pain and suffering.

Those of you who have tasted the bitter bite of harshness please hold on to that innocent part of you that remains. The world is what you make of it. Please continue to trust. Please help without expectation of return. Please see the world with those innocent eyes.

Surround yourself with others who share those new eyes and hearts. Make your world a place of beauty and peace. Shake off those who use you and let them go. Extend an open hand to the world.
The world may not take it but you have not added to its misery.

Embrace innocence and shower the world with love. Life is beautiful if you see it through innocent eyes.

Love is Never Wrong!

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