Thursday, November 26, 2015

Preserving Value

Hello all. I hope your world is bright place filled with joy. Today I have only a simple message for you. Preserve the things in your life that have value. Preserve these many links and words I have given you.

This is no request for money or such. This is the simple truth. I will not always be here. Blogger can fail. One bad election can bring to power people who cause great harm. The reason my vary but the truth remains. This site may not always be here.

If any of the links I have provided or the many words I have shared freely find value in your heart please preserve them. To much is lost to history because of some reason or another. And in a digital age to much is erased.

If it has value to you, save it. Hold it dear. Share it. I think these words hold true of anything of value. So today I only have this to say. Preserve Value!

Love is Never Wrong!

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