Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Resolutions of the Heart

Love, sweet love. It is the thing that can brighter our world and darken it to. It is a mystical emotion that drives us to be more than we are, that feeds us when we are hungry, and burns us when we are weak. For all its magical ride it is one of those things everyone should explore.

I could write a lifetime about love and still only touch on its entirety. What I would like to talk about today though is resolutions. Many of us find navigating the heart unknown territory or a winding road where we never know whats to come.

Imagine love to be a beautiful race horse or a sleek sports car with unbridled power. You are the one at its reigns or wheel. When love feels good we happily speed along enjoying the wonderful places we go. But as with all things going to fast sometimes we don't see the dangers along our path.

Relationships are delicate dances. They rely on us to nurture them and keep them stable. They rely on honesty and attention. And I think most importantly they rely on communication. If two of you are speeding along on loves path it is essential you look out for each other.

So what does this have to do with resolutions?  Today whether you are LGBT or anyone I see and hear about people being hurt by love. They carry their heartache into the next and don't fully embrace another. They in their caution and pain sabotage what might be the adventure of a lifetime.

This is why we should all have resolutions of the heart. We should live honestly and sincerely with others. We should communicate all the things that concern us and cause us concern. For if we do not we set a path that will likely end in peril.

More simply, if love begins to fade tell whoever you are with. Be honest, be sincere, and be loving. You entered a relationship with some sort of love, even if only as a friend, so end it in love as well. Give others the respect to resolve.

Have you ever known or felt the sting of someone cheating on you? Imagine the pain and anger you feel when you find out. It hits you like an avalanche. This is because the person who began to cheat also began to disconnect  from the relationship before you, engaged in another, and then when it is discovered waylays you like a highwayman.

Has there been a friend in your life that you suddenly found out spread lies about you? Maybe they used you for their own ends. Possibly they just stopped talking to you all together. They became a ghost that haunts your life. You may never know the why but you certainly feel the absence and pain.

Whatever the disconnect is, in whatever relationship, you must resolve to end it properly. Whatever the reason that causes a separation you must do so in love. And finally whatever reason you find to avoid the end confront it in honesty.

The very moment you begin to change or end a relationship you need to talk to the other person involved. You need to be honest and let them know things have changed. There may be pain, anger, discussion, and tears. But please do so. Everyone is Human and deserves respect.

When you deny a person the knowledge and time to deal with a change of the heart you hurt them. You hurt them intentionally. When you simply stop interaction with another you leave them in questions. You leave them wandering what they may have done. You to hurt them intentionally.

Love is about connections. When you touch another you begin forming all these wonderful lace like webs of connections that can enrich each of your lives. Just as surely when you rip them away you darken life. You leave someone in mourning.

This is why I tell you leave a relationship in love as you entered it. It is not a sin to lose interest, fall in love with another, feel hurt or betrayed. But to rip away bonds so suddenly and with no concern for another is.

I know there are exceptions to every rule. However the majority of life's connections deserve better. Be kind, give people time, and give people love. Do so even if it will cause pain. Because when you do so in secret or suddenly you only serve you and hurt another.

Build a life of love. Touch whoever comes into your life with love. Love those who leave your life as well. Love is giving and sharing, even when it ends.

Be love, extend love, and receive love,  Resolve the heart!

Love is Never Wrong!

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