Thursday, October 1, 2015


Have you known the need to be free? If your religious you may know the struggle of salvation and damnation. Some refer to it as the eternal struggle. Whatever the name it is the journey all of us in the world must undertake.

This journey is good, bad, knowledge, feeling, and most everything that is. We seek to be free and battle so hard to do so. We fight for equality, freedom, and even life. We appeal to those around us and up high. We seek the end to struggle. We seek peace. We seek love.

Allow me to pose a thought to you all. What if you suddenly you realized there is no struggle. Peace is a choice. Freedom is up to you. Salvation or damnation is your own domain. Whatever your belief or lack of there are certain truths.

Some of these are that you are the power that shapes this world. It is molded by your thought, your actions, and your vision. You can choose whatever path you want. What a miraculous thing.

You are love, hate, joy, pain, desire, indifference...  You are master of your life, your destiny, your actions. To many times we get lost in our trek looking for things and places beyond us. We forget the journey is about us.Your destination is  your journey.

Now please think about that. What do you seek? Who are you hoping to see or be with? What do you want to achieve? Most importantly who and what do you love?

I can't give you those answers. They are unique to you and only you. However I can tell you if you know where you want to go maybe you should make it your journey.

If you seek peace trying accepting it in your self. If you want love, give it. If you want salvation, offer it. If you want... be it!

Liberate your life, your soul, and your love!

Love is Never Wrong!

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