Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tending our Lives

You know one of the first reactions when I meet people in life is a sort of look asking if I am for real. Does someone like me truly exist in the world. Even amongst long time friends I have always been the safe harbor in the storm. Oh do not get me wrong I have my problems and issues like so many others. However that which sets me apart is my view of life.

In truth I am not so different. But as any other unique being I have my own perspective on things. So today allow me to present to you that special view that is my own. Maybe it will help you tend your life as well.

You are a being of exceptional power, strength, and beauty. You may not always see it or feel it but you are. Like a tiny sapling you spring from the well of life and the rich earth. From where you spring forth you carry that which has been. But now in new found growth you blossom into that which is new and different.

Over time you grow and shape. You change the world about you. Your very will and existence creates new fabric in the tapestry of life. It is this tapestry that many seek to change. And to some degree they can. They to are beings capable of changing their world. We all share an existence but we are masters of our own. 

Realize that which you put out into the world falls back down to the good earth and rains upon the well. Some may call this the circle of life. It is much more than any one description. Because everything you interact with your life takes on a piece of you.

One kiss can spark love. A smile can create hope. A touch can dispel loneliness. It is why I tell you all about love. It is ever so important to make that a foundation of your life. Because like the tree that releases its moisture in the day cycle to create the rains that eventually fall, that carries part of you with it.

If it is love then you nourish the soil and water to grow things filled with such things. If you carry pain, regret, and hate you to shall cause such to grow. Yes there will be those who try to carve into the trunk of your greatness to influence its outcome but it is only the foolish ramblings of those who do not understand love and life.

Like a real tree you must filter out that which is not good for you. You must hold the darkness and negativity in your body till your reign is done. Release only what is good for growth. When our time is done allow that which we held to rot in the body. For it is not worthy of propagation.

Take in the things that nourish you. In spite of being hacked, burned, and scrawled upon allow it to heal. Leave its darkness behind. Have you ever wondered why trees fossilize into coal? They leave behind their impurities. Things that burn have no place in a life showered with light and gentle winds.

Touch the sky, feel the night breeze blow through your limbs, rejoice in the morning dew. You are that which shapes life. You are that which weaves that which comes after. Do you wish to poison your well and the rich earth or do you wish to leave it rich and fertile?

Be the tree and stand tall and proud. Grow to such heights that you create wonder. Embrace all the life around you. Offer it shelter from the heat and rain. Filter the air so others breath clearly. Drop the seeds from which new life will grow.

Maybe I have over simplified things in this explanation. Allow me to say however it is not simple at all. Life is shaped and molded by every single thing you encounter from your first breath to your last. Never underestimate the power of a single event. For every event becomes part of your growth.

I've talked of legacy before. So here it sits. how do you chose to interact with the world? What do you put forth into it? Choose wisely for it is what you get back.

Please filter out the darkness and leave it to rot. Embrace the light and enrich that which sustains life.

Love is Never Wrong!

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