Tuesday, October 20, 2015


One of the greatest things we all must muster in life is courage. So many try to hurt us or drag us down for many reasons. However we must stand tall and face each challenge to us with courage. We must retain our dignity.

There are many forms of courage but only one is true and lasting. You will know it by four pillars of its definition. Love, Life, Liberty, and Peace! Some may question these fundamentals but they are in fact the definition of true courage.

You must love in life because without it you hold nothing dear. And if you can not hold something dear you have nothing to fight for.

Life must be precious. If you can not respect and hold life precious then you can not respect what it offers and brings to the world.

Liberty is by far one of the important issues for all of us. We must be free to live, think, and express ourselves. Without it we are a shadow of what is.

Peace is so precious. It is and must be our approach to others. It is easy to get lost in rage, anger, and fear. But peace allows all things to heal. And so much in life needs to heal.

Everyone thinks of heroic courage of a warrior standing for his nation or beliefs. But few look deeper. Why does a warrior fight for a place? He loves his home. He wishes to ensure he and his friends and family can live safely. He seeks to keep those around him free to live as they will. And finally he wishes for peace so no one else he loves must die.

All of these are the pillars of courage but know one must not be a warrior or a hero to have courage. You only need to stand. So how do we stand? We stand at every challenge in life. We may not win every challenge and we may very well leave a challenge hurt but still we must stand. We must greet what life gives us with courage.

If you are sick live as best you can with what you have. Love all the special people and things that make life grand. Give yourself the liberty to choose how you will be treated. Finally embrace a peace with what is and what you can achieve. Be at peace with what may come.

Several times now I have told you my personal motto of Live, Love, Forgive! All three require courage. Incorporate courage into your life. Let it guide you. Know that courage is only those four pillars and nothing else.

It is ok to fear, be scared, be confused, make mistakes... What matters is how you handle all those things. Do you face them with courage or do you allow them to grow like mountains in your life?

Face life with courage. Face others with courage. Face our actions with courage. Face our adversity with courage. I won't tell you how to live your life but I will share with you some wisdom of mine. I hope and pray it serves you well.

Love is Never Wrong!

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