Saturday, October 3, 2015

To Fall

Today I want to address all those all those religious conservatives who so blindly condemn me. Yes you who wish to pick up that stone, reprogram me, throw me into prison, toss me into a concentration camp with others on some island, and yes you who wish to kill me.

Believe it or not many of us who are LGBT have faith. I am a person of faith. We go to churches, mosques, synagogue, and temples. We hope and pray and we most certainly try to live good lives and help others. We study the word ever so closely, because of you! We love!

Now you with that stone... allow me to take that heavy weight from your hand. Why? Because no one on this Earth is without sin. And lets be honest be both know judgement is God's realm alone.

Those of you who think you can fix me... come now. Do you really so foolishly think love is an issue to be repaired? Do you really wish to come between a mans soul and God? By all means choose. We all have free will.

Yes some of you wish me imprisoned for merely existing... I'm an inconvenience in your perfect world of doctrine. It's ok though you are in familiar company. I'm sure Roman centurions would find you great company.

You who want me and all like me locked in some distant island to purge your world of our kind... Interesting you wish so casually to eliminate other souls of God from your life. What do you fear? Can your truth stand against our faith and our love?

Finally those of you who wish me dead for my existence... Murder is a sin. Maybe you should talk to Cain and Abel. Go and read my message to those with the stone. And please learn to love, turn the cheek, and be a peacemaker.

Allow me to pose a question for you all who seem so sure of your faith. Assume you get to Heaven. You have reached divine peace, security, and love. Now realize many you love are still toiling on the Earth. Some may never join you. What do you do?

Is Heaven truly paradise knowing your friends, your family, your loves are not with you or may never be? Now think about all the other wonderful people on Earth. What about the kind lady who took time to play with you as a child, the teacher who spent so much time working with you to become better, the stranger who helped you up when you fell, the person who took time out of their life to sit and comfort you, the person who first made your heart beat fast and your mind feel ever so light...

Could you stay in Heaven while so many others suffered? Could you turn your backs on them when you had found the path to forever? Think carefully about this.

I can't answer for you but I can tell you my answer. I would fall. I would return to the Earth and do my best to help others and give all the love I can and soothe those who ache ever so much. I would give purpose to the lonely. I would love.

Yes of my own free will I would suffer this world time and time again. Why? Because Heaven is not paradise without everyone. No one should have to suffer. No one should be left behind. No one should be denied love. I would be so selfish an uncaring to not tireless give people chances to become better, to find redemption.

So do you fall or do you watch? Choose wisely for one is Heaven and the other Hell.

Love is Never Wrong!

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  1. When you pick up a stone to hurt someone in the name of your God, you have violated the very tenets of your religion. All holy books have verses about, letting God judge, him being the ultimate judge, being kind to strangers, the poor and the needy, and treating others as you'd wish to be treated.

    Religion could be such a force for good, a shining example of how we should treat each other. But every religion has been perverted by hate, by racism, and misogynistic teachings. And for the worst reason ever, GREED. Greed for money, for power, to have the ability to take away life itself.

    I can tell the true nature of a person who is religious by what parts of their holy books speak loudest to them. The passages that talk of love and care, kindness and acceptance are good people. Those who talk about God smiting this person and that group, and how the hand of God is going to bring catastrophe due to such and so sin, these are the people who have hard hearts and have little love for their fellow man.

    Religion shouldn't divide us, but could be a way to see the common threads that bind all the religions together. To highlight what we have in common, how all of mankind wants the same things out of life. Someone to love and care about, a chance to raise a family, a safe country without fear of being killed due to belonging to the wrong religion. Food on the table, a roof over their heads, and green and lush spaces to relax in with family and friends. But bad bad men have used different religions as a weapon to incite war, rebellion, and genocide. Smashing all that the average person needs and requires for a happy, healthy content life.

    While I am not religious, I am spiritual. Each day that I go out into the world I try to leave others with a smile on their face and some laughter in their heart. I can't take care of everyone, but I do try to lighten others burdens, if only for a short time. I donate when I can, volunteer when possible. While none of these things I do is important on a global scale, every smile, every hug, every helping hand disturbs the culture of hate and bigotry until maybe some day in our future hate will have fallen out favor as something that is held up for others to emulate.