Saturday, October 24, 2015

Creating Fire

One of the earliest and most innovative things we as people learned was the ability to create fire. We learned to cook our food, warm ourselves form the cold, and light our world in the night. We took that fire and applied it to so many other things and found the world open up to many new discoveries.

However there is the other fire that is not as often discussed. That is the fire of your creation. I'm sure you know what I'm saying. It is that wonderful part of you that goes out and explores the world, that learns, and makes things better. It is the spark of a gracious heart.

Unlike physical fire, that which ignites from the heart burns brighter. It is honesty, integrity, and compassion. The fire within you leads that struggle to love, teach, right wrongs, and mediate peace. So much can spring forth from one heart, one soul.

To many of us forget that we are the masters of change. We as people create our worlds. Every action we perform contributes to the grand design that lays out before us. We may never know all the factors and we certainly obsess over them but there is one truth in all of that. That truth is we can never know it all and there will always be uncertainty and inequality.

I think that is the point though. We as people get stuck on the details instead of looking forward and overcoming what is before us. We strive to create perfection instead of knowing perfection is relative. You may love the world if it were colored in all the shades of blue yet another may see it as horrid and wish to see a vivid rainbow.

In your life you have the power and ability to change things. You can fight injustice, greed, exploitation, and so so much more. But it must be done by you. You must take that first step to help the wounded and fallen. You must extend forgiveness and dignity. You must correct the mistakes of the past. You must love.

All the problems in the world can not be solved overnight or in a thousand nights but the solution to them begins in a single act by you to make it better. No one expects you to solve it all but you can take one step toward radiance. You can and must.

Take that spark in your heart strike up a torch and light the world. Show the world you can feed its soul, you can warm the weary and tired, and you can drive away the dark night, You can challenge those that wish the world steeped in darkness and you can rise above a system that sells people and its self.

You are the spark! What will you do with your fire?

Love is Never Wrong!

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