Sunday, October 11, 2015

Creating Change

I'd like to remind you all we are at a crucial time in history. Humanity is opening up in so many places and sadly closing in many others. It is a struggle as much for freedom as anything else. You have the beacons of light and the harbingers of darkness.

You must stand and create change. You must live. You must love. This is life for not only you but others and future generations. It won't be an easy journey. It may be very hard but it is one we all must take.

If we look at histories legacy on change it is a long dark one paid for in flesh and blood. Enough has already been paid but some don't see it. Some need to be reminded we are all Human. Some must be taught we are all equal. Still others must learn hate is not an option.

Go forth and stand. Stand united and in love. Let your beacons of light drive back the darkness. Let them know we are here and always have been. Let them know we are Human and we are love. Don't let them exact more payment for change.

Humanity is not a commodity to be price gouged. It is not a thing to be consumed. It is not a thing to be thrown away. I implore you go forth and stand. Do so in pride and love. That which is can only be changed with one voice and one will. And that must be from all of us.

Change begins in you. Change begins with your first action of love, dignity, and will. It's ok to feel fear. We all do. But stand anyway. Be that brilliant light that stops the long dark night from falling. Have we not slumbered enough? Have we not had enough nightmares?

Please, create change. Hope and love are what you need. Nothing more and nothing less. If you create it, anything is possible. If you do not this world truly ends in darkness.

Create the change. Be you! Be love!

Love is Never Wrong!

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