Thursday, October 8, 2015

To Be Human

You know one of my greatest pleasures is exploring other people in life. Talking to them, doing things with them, and loving them. Everyone is different and we all take different journeys in life but when you get a chance to share a path with someone it is so special.

To touch anothers life gives you so much knowledge and emotion. If we are wise we learn and we share with them as well. Maybe they lift us up or us them. Even those who seem so alien to us have stories to tell. It is the beauty of life.

Regardless of our views, choices, or differences we can rest assured we are all Human and share a goal to navigate life. I've mentioned we each take journeys and people are the majority of those.

This world is vast place with billions of us upon it. No two are exactly alike. We all look, sound, and act differently. I think that's the beauty of it all. If we were all the same would there be much to explore in life?

I know some fear change and that which is not like themselves but why fear? If you are in the presence of another Human is it so unknown? Are they so different? Are they so unlovable?

People are people. They feel, hurt, cry, and love. They struggle just as anyone else. They are the same as any of us on this world. For we are one. We are love. We are Human!

So the next time so you come across another that seems so unlike you may I suggest you take the time out of your journey and explore the soul before you. Say hello, start a conversation, help them if they are in trouble, and share your life.

Many have searched for the purpose of life but few have pinned it down. Maybe the purpose of life is the journey and the people in it. Maybe the Human legacy is love. Because what a wonderful gift to leave the world.

Maybe one day if we honor that legacy and we honor Humanity this world will be a beacon of beauty and love. A place where as one we banish  fear, hate, and cruelty. We open ourselves to that which is more than ourselves and embrace truth.

From one traveling Human to another I wish you well and pleasant paths. If we ever meet I hope we can chat about each others experiences long into the night and with loving smiles welcome the morning sun content another shares our hopes and dreams...

To Be Human!

Love is Never Wrong!

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