Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Triumph of Love

I sit and watch people with so many goals go to and fro now days. They seek this and that. Many times they are lost in their own quests and illusions. Some are just lost and confused. Others sit hopeless and empty. They have lost their way. They have surrendured to despair.

Sadly I can not tell you what makes you happy. Only you can do that. I can not tell you how to occupy your time. I can not tell you how to choose goals that make you feel good. I can not undo the wrong visited upon you by others.

What I can tell you is the path that makes me happy. Maybe you will find truth in it as well.

I do not chase fame. It is a bitter companion that lifts you up when you are adored and drowns you when you are forgotten. It may be nice to be loved or appreciated by many but it is not personal and in that it truly only decorates your life not fills it.

I do not chase fortune. Fortune can make life easier and comfortable but it also a job to maintain and protect. It creates envy and in that emotion someone somewhere wishes to take it from you. It to does not fill your life except with things not substance.

I do not wish to live forever. Forever is a very long time. Imagine the heartaches of seeing friends, loves, people, and places that are special to you dies or be destroyed. Imagine having to contend with an existence where you have to live the same thing over and over simply because you have exhausted what there is to do. What a bitter existence. Only the sad live forever.

I do seek love. Love can fill your soul. It can send you to heights you have never known. It can come form places you never expect. It is the fuel of the heart. I am blessed I have loved some and one still fills my heart and one day I hope I see him again. I hope he remembers me. And I hope he holds me at the end.

I seek freedom. I seek freedom so all people in this crazy existence can live and choose their lives as they will. I choose freedom from those who seek to force their will upon others. I can say I have failed many times at this but I can also say my failures were ignorance not malice.

I seek peace. Peace is so precious. It is the quiet time when we can breath safely and happily. It is a bright summer day on a mad adventure to where our mind wanders. It is the security that all people can live, grow, and heal from the dark times. Peace by far is the measure of free minds and love.

There are many people out there and each has their own life and story. Some have known pain and injustice others have created it. What is important though is to cast off that selfishness. Live for others. Lift them up. Make them your life.

You may ask why you should devote so much time to people who may not give back. All I can say is it more about the act than the reward. Think of love as sunshine falling on a gentle day. It warms your face, lights your way, and showers all without question.

What a wonderful thing. I create and show beauty, make things grow, and warm the cold. Imagine looking down and seeing all that happen. Is there no more perfect view?

Whatever you seek in life, whatever path, and whatever joy please do so in love. Because even if you fail in love or make a mistake it is an act given freely. It bears no malice for it is real and Human. Embrace your love and shower the world with it. Only then will things be clear. For it is the only path of hope.

Love is Never Wrong!

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