Thursday, October 15, 2015


One of the hardest things many of us have to learn is survival. We can not always speak our thoughts and hearts. We can not always dress as we would desire or act as we feel. Many times we can not express our love or pleasant joys of gazing upon beauty. We learn to hide. We learn to survive.

As a survivor I can tell you there is a secret to survival. It is not a complex thing but sweet truth. Memorize it well because it is ever so important. Existence is not living. There are many things that make us go into a mode of survival. But the one truth we must hold before our soul is to live.

I know many of you will ask how? I can't... I am not allowed. I will be hurt. It's really is not about that which is outside yourself. It is about you. Never forget who you are. Never be ashamed of who you are. Never stop being who you are.

The world may force us to hide or survive but we must always be us even in the darkest times. Nurture that beauty you can not show. Let that precious heart sing. Allow those amazing thoughts to flow. You are and always shall be beautiful.

No one can take that which is you from your soul. Only you can do that. That is why I tell you existence is not living.  You must live and you must be you. If you must hide or cloak yourself in costume to survive then do so. We need you in this world but don't become the character in this grand play forced upon you. Be the actor who in the quiet after the performance returns into full blossom of themselves.

Know there are many ways of expression. If one closes for you then open another. If a cloak is forced upon you then make it a brilliant feathered mantle that lets you fly. If your voice is taken from you paint the world all the shades of your heart. If the world breaks your bone and sheds your blood stand and release a dove of peace.

Live, Love, Forgive! Never stop being you. Never become what you are not. Never just exist!

Please watch that beautiful sunrise in your soul for we Humans stand on this Earth for only a brief time. If we always hide in shadows we can can never see the sun. Besides you should remember after every storm a rainbow appears somewhere at sometime. And what a sight to behold when it does.

Enjoy the warmth of a bright heart and mind. Enjoy being you. And never settle for anything less than beauty. Because existence is not living. Survive but do so in love and life.

Love is Never Wrong!

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