Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Family is one of those things all people have. Sometimes it is not always good. However we have two kinds of family. We have those assigned to us by blood and those we choose. Both are precious gifts.

All to often family is taken for granted or ignored for personal desires or goals. This can cause great strain or in some cases a complete break down in bonds.  It takes effort to maintain family and it takes love. But when we do share those two we can experience one of the strongest and greatest things in life.

Being LGBT family has always been a difficult and at times painful bond for us. At times we are rejected and hurt. It can scar us so deeply. Our hearts don't always know how to repair such pains. So sometimes we give up on family because it has only given us pain.

One thing I can tell you about all this however is family never goes away. People may fight and bicker. Hearts may grow cold and pain is the dish served at a gathering but it is not an end. As long as you carry love in your heart that bond is unbreakable.

Society has gotten used to single parents, divorce, throwing children out of a house... I think this is where we go wrong. Family is a part of you and your soul. You may get hurt, angry, or even left alone but that only means the burdens of love and unity must fall upon you.

This does not mean you are at fault. In any argument there is always many to blame. What it does mean is take that precious gift you have in you and share it. Mend broken hearts, forgive pain, and extend your hand in peace.

When all else fails and those given to you by blood are gone know you have the family of your heart. Be it a love, a child, special friends, or kindred souls you have the opportunity to form bonds as deep as any. Love! Love all those great souls in the world, your world.

In my own life I have family I have argued with, been hurt by, and those lost to time. I love them all and I miss those I no longer have in my life. Some are treasures so priceless and beautiful in my heart just thinking of them brings tears to my eyes.

If I were to give them a message from my heart it would be embrace while life gives us a chance. Share our lives and hearts. Know that from which you come and those who you share. Family is quite simply one of those sacred things. May it always know love, forgiveness, and peace.

Embrace your family whoever they may be and know love. Life is to short to not love, even with all the stumbles along the way. Never give up on family in your life, even if its a family of your own creation.

Love is Never Wrong!

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