Monday, October 11, 2010

The Gay Family

The gay family, something we hear little of in most places. Marriage, civil union, even adoption are all parts of the gay family. Beyond that we have the larger family of our identity and unity to protect one another. A family is a fundamental right to all people. To deny the creation of families for the sake of the family...imagine that irony.

Freedom to Marry is national campaign to end the exclusion of of same sex couples from all the inherent rights of marriage. They have good resources and news on the issues.

The Family Equality Council works to to ensure the equality of all GLBT families, parental protections, adoption, and marriage rights. They also seek equal protections on many other issues such as health insurance reform and safe schools.

Lambda Legal seeks equal rights for the entire GLBT community. Family issues are only some of those but they deserve note here.

The Gay Wedding Experience is a personal blog of Tom and Brian. They document all the planning and events up to their wedding. It's funny, heartwarming, and full of love. Check it out and wish the couple your best.

Love is Never Wrong

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