Thursday, October 28, 2010

Never Again!

Throughout my project I have tried to maintain a respectful distance in my statements so as to allow everyone their own views and ideas. Today I make exception to this. Please hear me out.

When, in our society, we deny Human rights to any individual we deny Humanity. When we diminish the Human spirit, be it words or fear, we diminish life. If ones life is then deemed less worthy, it becomes ridicule and harassment. Harassment, becomes violence. Violence can become death.

If you forge the first link in the chain of hate, you are not long to cast many more. Life is precious, no matter who it may be.

I have sit and watched of late as government officials openly chime hatred and  condemn the LGBT community, children and young adults are harassed and beaten, youth pushed to the brink of suicide, thugs brutally assault gay men only to claim their leader made them do it, religious radicals go town to town claiming hate based on religious doctrine, and now news groups asking if gay rights will be the downfall of our nation.

This reminds me of a slogan, 'Never Again!' It is usually attached to Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. Today I assert our right to it as well.

Never again will we be deemed less than Human,
Never again will we be silent , hiding in the night,
Never again will we tolerate brutal hate,
Never again will we refuse to fight.

Never again will you take my Human rights!

Some may consider my words inciting and controversial. I advocate no violence. Consider this though not to long ago in our history a similar situation occurred. It was a forward thinking time. Human rights were on the verge of expanding greatly then the unthinkable happened... maybe we need to relearn this period in history because you will find it shocking how easily rhetoric became the first link in a chain of hate that extinguished millions of Human lives.

Today's only link is The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Do a search on 'gay' and you might be surprised at what you find. To all the people who suffered and died in those times I honor you today. I will not silence my voice or go quietly into step. We are all Human, deserving of respect,  and equal rights.

Love is Never Wrong


  1. NEVER Again! I assert my right as well. This is the most empowering concept I have read in a long time. Thank you!