Friday, October 22, 2010

Live! Stop the Hate!

I began this humble project to offer resources to anyone in need, whatever the need. Hopefully to stop the suffering and death of so many of us in the LGBT community. In the wake of even more suicides this week it is disheartening but I shall redouble my efforts and strive to make more sources available to everyone. If you need help and can not find a link here to address your situation please leave a comment. You are important and worthy of love and dignity.

Project Life Vest is a group striving to create safe spaces for LGBT youth. It is a small group but sincere help is always welcome.

Welcoming Schools is a branch of the Human Rights Campaign. They seek to create LGBT inclusive schools and educating on equality and tolerance. Resources for educators are available.

Stop Bullying: Speak Up is a guide put out by the Cartoon Network. It is simple but a nice view of the basics.

The Queer Youth Leadership Awards seeks to create positive role models for Queer youth and create more safe environments for better living.

Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth is a New York based group covering Nassau and Suffolk counties. They offer support, education and advocacy to GLBT youth.

The Anti Violence Program is another New york based organization eliminating hate and violence toward the GLBT community. They offer counseling, education, and advocacy.

Youth First Texas is a Dallas based group. Their mission is to offer education, support, and general service to LGBTQ youth.

Campus Progress seeks progressive change on many issues. They offer information on many topics and inform how to get involved and make positive changes.

Safe Schools South Florida focus's on safe learning environments for all LGBTQ youth. Resources for educators are available.

Love is Never Wrong

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