Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Support

More avenues of support are always a blessing to the myriad of problems we face. So here are today's links. I hope they are helpful.

The Gay-Straight Alliance Network seeks to create safe school environments and educate people on GLBT issues. Fostering understanding is a noble cause. Check them out.

The Safe Schools Coalition offers information to educators and families to make school environments better.

Youth Pride Inc. offers support, education, and advocacy for youth and young adult in Rhode Island  Even with its state specific  nature it has some good information that may help you.

The GLBTQ Online High School is a online school for all the youth in our community seeking a safe school environment where they can be themselves and interact with other students like themselves. The site is based in Minnesota so if your interested check its validity in your state.

The Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition works to create safe environments for students, teachers, and families to thrive in. It is Oregon based but has lists of good resources.

Love is Never Wrong

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