Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gay Indiana II

Today with heavy heart I must again post more for my home state. I just recently read the news account, from the CDC, where 17.2% of our states teens thought about committing suicide. The national average being 13.8%. Add in 22.8% of our students have been bullied. The national average being 19.9%. I am quite confident there are quite a few LGBT kids in there. Please its time to stop the hate. No ones life should ever be played with in such cruel manner. If you live in Indiana and see or know about bullying or someone thinking of suicide, Please get them help. Life is precious!

The Bloomington Beacon offers a safe space for the LGBT community. Support, education, community events and basic services are some of their many offerings. Volunteer opportunities are available.

Middle Way House offers solutions and refuge to women and children suffering abuse and violence. Sometimes you have to get away. If your in need check them out.

If you attend Indiana University here is a link to their GLBT Student Support Services office. They can offer you support and direction.

Indiana University also has OUT a project through their student union. It is primarily for support and community but we all need that.

If you live in Jay County there is a local chapter of PFLAG. Please seek them out for support.

The University of Evansville has PRIDE which offer social and support services.

The University of Southern Indiana has Spectrum which seeks to create safe havens and support for LGBT students.

Fort Wayne has a chapter of PFLAG.

DePauw University has an office of LGBT services. The site seems basic but there may be more to it in person.

Butler University has a GLBT Straight Alliance. Support to advocacy is their mission.

Indianapolis has a chapter of PFLAG.

Lafayette has a community center, Pride Lafayette. Of the sites I've review they seem to offer the most. If you are in or near Lafayette check them out.

Ball State University has Spectrum. Social and support options plus safe zones for LGBT students.

Earlham College has Teetor House, a LGBTQ cultural center. There is only basic info so you will have to research it more yourself.

Seymour has a chapter of PFLAG.

The GLBT Resource Center of Michiana serves norther Indiana and parts of southern Michigan. The have various support services.

The Purdue Queer Student Resource Center links you to three groups. The Queer Student Union, Delta Lambda Phi, and ALLY are represented. All offer resources that can help.

To all my fellow Indiana residents in the LGBT community I pledge to continue to offer you support when I find it. Please hang in there and realize we are trying to make the world better for you.

Love is Never Wrong

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