Sunday, October 10, 2010

College & University

Finding money or resources for higher education can be difficult enough in normal situations. Being in the GLBT community can sometimes add more pressure to the issues. So lets take that small part of our whole and make it help us.

FinAid has an excellent listing of scholarships and financial aid to help you with your education. If you are looking for extra help with school costs check them out.

Campus Pride is a volunteer group seeking to make a safer environment for members of the GLBT community. They have some good links that can be helpful.

The Point Foundation seeks to help students who are marginalized for being GLBT. They not only offer financial aid but mentor and off encouragement to help you along the way.  If your having difficulties check them out.

If you have not fully explored my earlier listing of the Human Rights Campaign they do have a nice list of scholarships available nationally and by state.

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