Friday, October 8, 2010

Entertainment & News

Keeping up to date on important issues lets us focus on what may affect us and what we can do. Everyone should at least browse GLBT news now and then. It most certainly affects us all. That being said we should also nourish our soul with entertainment.  If it makes you smile or happy it is reward enough.

The Advocate is a large news source. It is both a magazine, online site, and has several broadcasts on their site. If you want news of note, local to worldwide check them out.

365Gay is a mixture of many news stories. Headlines to pop culture are included. If you want a basic overview of news and events start here.

AfterElton and AfterEllen are all things pop culture and news relating to it. Want to find out about GLBT characters, reviews of shows, even some behind the scenes info check them out.

Love is Never Wrong

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