Monday, October 4, 2010


Blogs are a wonderful way to meet others, exchange ideas, and find out things. For some it may one of the few contacts we have to the GLBT community. They can be found in great numbers and cover many topics. So here are a few of my personal favorites to start you off with.

Break the illusion is a wonderful site run by Davey Wavey.  His blend of humor and self discovery/improvement are the hallmarks of his nature.

Davey Wavey also can be found on YouTube and a free fitness blog he operates trying to make us all healthier. Check them out as well.

Couver87 is a young blogger on YouTube with a common sense approach to life. He accepts questions and tries to answer them in his video replies. No bells and whistles but his kindness and openness will endear him to you.

GDProphetXVII is another YouTube blogger who's humor and wit combine to educate you on many topics important to the GLBT community.

Michael Buckley operates two YouTube blogs. His more popular one is What the Buck and light hearted and tongue in cheek review of entertainment news. His alternate channel Dear Buck is a more internal look at himself and he answers viewer questions on many topics not just GLBT.

Depfox is a channel run by Jay & Bryan. They show gay family life with their two children. California Prop 8 brought them into blogging to show gay family life is just as healthy as any other.

By all means not all the blogs of note but these shall get you started. I will continue to add more over time.

Love is Never Wrong

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