Sunday, October 17, 2010

Links of Love International II

For all my international viewers today's update is for you. We all need resources so I hope these better help you.

Gay UK News seems to do a fairly balanced account of news and entertainment relating to the UK. Give them a view if you need to keep up to date. (UK)

Xtra is a Canadian GLBT news site. (Canada)

Accept Romania is a site dedicated to support and equal rights. I do have a language barrier on most of it but what I can see looks to be good. (Romania)

LSVD: The Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany is a group dedicated to support, education, and equal rights. (Germany)

Stonewall Youth is the youth specific site for my earlier link of Stonewall in the UK. If your a GLBT youth in the UK try giving this site your perusal. (UK)

As always I would love to hear reviews or comments from natives of these countries. Let me know if these do help. I do have language barriers at times.

Love is Never Wrong

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