Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Mission

Welcome to my Links of Love site!

In the wake of so many recent suicides by gay youth I have struggled to find ways to help those in need. To many people suffer and die in the GLBT community. So began my journey to make a difference.

Searching online I encountered a hectic mess of sites with various agendas and little coordination. I found it very frustrating to find even basic resources. An entire day of searching yielded outdated and removed sites, groups with no way to verify their intent and mostly Blogs and personal efforts.

This is unacceptable! If someone is in need they may not have the time to scour for bits of information and dead ends. If you are in pain or need reaching out alone can be difficult. So this is my solution.

In the coming days I hope to create a simplified resource so all people in our community can find the help they need. If you know of a link I should add to this site please leave a comment. If you need help finding a resource please ask. I plan this to be a work in progress and help is welcome.

Love is Never Wrong

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