Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Health concerns abound all around us in the GLBT community. They can be everything from fitness and working out to safe sex and dealing with long term issues. Knowing your options and educating ones self are very important.

Researching for today's links I found many  sites. Most were local in nature. My advice is if your looking for specific advice check several out. No one may have all the information you need.

The Gay Lesbian Medical Association is a online resource to find providers near you. They also engage in some advocacy and education.

GMHC offers online resources educating on a whole host of issues for our community. They also do advocacy, research, and open to volunteers.

The Mautner Project is a national Lesbian health organization. They provide some good resources and education. Volunteer work is also available.

Trans-health is a online magazine for transsexual and transgender individuals. They cover most any topic relating to those topics of health. The site is volunteer run.

For my UK viewers here is a link to the NHS site on gay and lesbian health.

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