Thursday, December 24, 2015

Journey of a Broken Heart

In my life I have known many who have touched my heart. Some have become special and others just friendly faces on my journey. Many have left me broken hearted or just plain broken. Still this hopeless romantic still dances to old memories.

It is good to reflect on the good times and good people. It's also good to forgive the bad ones. Most of my life I have been healing from one pain or another. I've hid away from thoughtless and cruel visitors. I've hung my head in sorrow. Still I walk my lonely path.

Somewhere out there is my fairy tale and dream life. So I walk on and dance to tunes old and new hoping one day this life will fulfill it's meaning. Far to long have I allowed the stop to dictate my journey.

The beautiful truth is the wonderful freedom of life is those who share your journey instead of you stoping to join anothers. Life must move forward and the people and places in it must move with you. Otherwise you are just a memory frozen in time.

I smile at my future though because the wonders of what may come are quite possibly the the infinity of love and beauty. My heart will always carry all its memories. Maybe old ones will return and maybe new ones as well.

What I do know is I will hold on to it all. This broken heart knows only love and healing and what wonderful things. Maybe one day all I have touched will know this wonderful thing as well. Maybe one day the world will embrace love and dance with me.

The journey of the broken heart is full of pain and love but what a journey. Embrace it all because if we can't love we are just a memory and what a waste of something so precious. Live your life, share it with others, be you and smile at the beautiful things and people. Take anothers hand and share your long walk.


Love is Never Wrong!

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