Sunday, December 6, 2015


Pride is one of those wonderful feelings. There are so many variations of it and some are negative but let's not talk of those today. Let's talk about the good ones that warm our hearts and make us feel worthy, accepted, and needed.

You know in my life I have been proud of so many people. I've known pride in my self doing things I never imagined. Certainly not least I've known pride in people who overcame and rose above to be stronger and better than they were. People who who shared their hearts.

Being LGBT we think firstly of pride parades. But I think it is more important we have pride in ourselves, our lives, and our accomplishments first. I say this because its all those wonderful things that add up in our lives that defines us.

Yes be proud of being LGBT but know it's only an aspect of who you are. You are not defined by any label. You are defined by you, your choices, and actions. You are defined by your heart and your spirit to overcome.

Be you, be happy you are you, love you, and share that wonderful love with all the special people in the world. That's something to be proud of.

I know sometimes we feel so low or lost we can not feel pride but you should. We only think of the grand things as worth of pride but its the small ones to. Maybe your all alone and in tears and you still took time to help another more lost than you. Maybe you made it through another day in spite of being oh so hurt. Maybe you raised your head just enough to see a beautiful sunset.

Pride begins in you. It is all those obstacles that seem unbreakable or impassable that you manage to overcome. It is that good feeling when you share you or help another. And yes it is love of being you. No one else in this world is like you. Be proud of that for you are unique and whatever color your soul shines you light up the world.

So know all those wonderful things in your life are you. Be proud of them. Be proud of you for achieving them. Be proud of others who also struggle and stand in their own definition. Just be proud because each and everyone of you are beautiful.  Even if you can not see it you have value.

Pride begins in love. Is it any wonder why it makes us feel good?

Love is Never Wrong!

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