Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Christmas Wish

I've shared so much with you all over time so I'll share my Christmas wish as well. Some of you may understand it others may not. All that being said it is mine and it is sincere.

This year I wished to see my family. I wished we could all find peace and common ground. I wished even if they can not accept me they would leave me alone. I also wished if they can not or will not accept peace that God remove them from my life forever.

I have some very good people in my family but good people make mistakes, don't understand, and magnify things beyond what they are. Then you have those who only have a stone in their hand. I have some who refuse to admit their wrongs and atone for so many horrible horrible things. In short very few of my family are true.

Everyone who has ever hurt me or treated me wrongly has been forgiven. If I have ever erred or hurt another I have walked my time in humility, pain, and humiliation. It is now a point in my life they either accept peace or leave.

There is only so much a soul can do to reach out and mend bonds. I've invested far to much time and if it does not bear fruit it is time for me to leave them behind. I don't worry though. Family is always there even if it is one of the heart. There are many good people in the world and they will be open to love, forgiveness, and life.

So in short my Christmas wish is for peace. We all deserve that. Hopefully they are in my life instead of removed from it. Maybe love will reign.

To all of you readers who know my path I am sorry we both walk it. But know family is not just blood relation it is all those special people you share your life with. You always have someone as long as you let them in.

I wish you all peace!

Love is Never Wrong!

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