Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Letting Go

Today I want to talk about one the hardest things we have to learn in life. That is letting go of people and things in our life. It is a difficult for most anyone really. Sometimes we get so vested in emotions and habits we can't imagine our lives without them.

Letting go is very hard. I won't even pretend to tell you otherwise. In my own life I have had to let go of so many of my family, loves, and pains. At times it can leave you feeling empty and desolate. It can rip asunder our lives if we don't watch it.

Sometimes we fear change. We fear someone or something is going to collapse our world. But will it really? It may very well change it and you may hurt at the loss but does your world really collapse? I don't think so. It may seem so at the time but we still live and breathe. We have daily routines to perform. Other people still come and go in our lives.

The hardest thing of letting go is grief. We mourn those people and things we have lost. Don't mistake my words love may never end but relationships can. People can die. And sadly disasters can take all we have worked for.

However, life does not end. It may take us time to grieve our loses and get used to an absence but it does not mean we must stop and live in a swamp of despair. Sometimes letting go is part of love. If your spouse or partner is unhappy and wants to leave, you may hurt but if it is not working maybe you need to consider their happiness first.

If a love or family has passed you still carry them inside you. Every precious moment you hold dear is in your heart, it's just now up to you to hold. If you have been ever so hurt and see no way out you should know there is always someway. If you have lost everything and feel devastated things can be replaced.

There are so many instances of letting go. We lose family pets, favorite toys, loves, friends, careers...
The one thing in common to all of those things however is you. You are part of what made all those things special. Could you have known love without you being there to receive and give it back? Could you have enjoyed a favorite book without having read it?

The point is as long as you preserve you the possibilities are endless. You may not see them in your grief but they are there. You can love again. You can rebuild again. Quite simply you can. All that is needed is you.

I know the ravages of loss and pain far to well. But I also know love. Anyone or anything you love never leaves. It's just a change of life. And please don't fear change. Good things can come with change. New adventures and loves can occur. And as I mentioned all those loves are still in you, in that precious heart where you store the dear things in life.

Shed your tears for the old but remember to lift your head and look about, for love is all about if you choose to see it. Celebrate the old by living in the new.  Because how beautiful is that? The sacred vessel of you carries all that love into the new world to start again.

Once I told you love begins in you. It never ends. It may change but it never ends. Live in that knowledge you create, you hold, and you share love. It's ok to let go of people and things. It's not ok to let go of you. You are the connection that keeps it all alive and growing.

Love, what an amazing gift. Always carry it with you.

Love is Never Wrong!

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