Saturday, December 12, 2015

Life Lessons

In my life I have been a caretaker to many. I've been nurse and rehab for friends and family. I've seen horrible ravages of disease and accident. At times it has consumed my life and drained my soul. However I have never regret helping others. Life has taught me many lessons.

Whatever is before you in life realize you are not in a war or a battle. You are living. And by living that means whatever the challenge is embrace life. Embrace those around you. It is so easy to focus on what upends us. But we should focus on life.

Never surrender yourself to that you can not control. Life is yours. It may seem the last thing on your mind and you may hurt or worry but know life is yours. If you can not walk then use wheel chair or crutches. If you hurt watch a show or listen to your favorite music. Things that entertain and make you feel good can surprisingly lessen pain if by no other reason distraction.

If you can not stomach much then take a small bite, chew it, swirl it in your mouth but do not swallow. No one said  you could not taste flavor. If you can not tend yourself then allow another. Its not a humiliation or horrible thing. It is an act of compassion and love. We should tend to each other in life.

Should life deal you to much at once and your mind and body is ever so heavy take a cleansing shower, open your window and smell sweet air and see the sunshine. It may not take things away but beauty and simplicity can allow us time to breathe. And sometimes time is all we need.

The pain dealt by those who hurt or are cruel can be crushing. However, know all things pass. You can remove people from your life. You can move. You can rise again.  Dignity, honor, respect, and life are yours. Only you can allow another to take those from you. You may not see it in your moment but you are beautiful, loving, compassionate, and ever so worthy.

In the case we can not avoid certain things in life then realize they are not stopping your life they are merely part of it. If you struggle with cancer you do what you can to treat it but you live. If our acts to overcome are not for living then we have lost our way. Because even in trying to overcome we must honor the life we seek to live.

Embrace all that matters to you. Embrace all those who touch your heart. Embrace yourself because you matter. Live life, live a sweet life. Whatever is before you is only a facet not your definition. You can stop and focus on it but is it worth missing the rest?

All things pass, we move on, we leave hurtful things and people behind, and we love again. Life is not perfect and that is alright. Perfection my friends is in the soul that survives, lives, and loves. If we did not struggle beauty would not be as precious and life not as sweet.

I told you recently keep that innocent soul for what a wonderful way to see the world. It is also a wonderful way to live in the world.  Be the swan that gently glides down the river. Life is beautiful, not just in the good times.

Go open your window, smell sweet air, cry at the beauty of the rainbow, laugh mightily, greet the world and others with love, and know peace is in you. Smile in the knowledge you are the one who writes in the book of your life. Events, people, places, things may enter your life but you write the story. Will it be a journal of love or pain?

Love is Never Wrong!

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