Monday, November 1, 2010

Youth and Support

Continuing my youth focus today are some more resources to help out. But do remember just because its focused for youth doesn't mean we all can't find some help on things from online information.

The Cool Page for Queer Teens is a nice and easy to understand guide offering suggestions on a variety of questions. It's a decent starting point to augment the other youth sites I have posted.

The National youth Advocacy Coalition is pretty much what it says. They advocate on LGBTQ youth issues. If your interested in getting involved try contacting them.

Out Youth Austin is a central Texas organization dedicated to helping youth ages 12 to 19 with many needs. All manner of support seems to be their focus.

The Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League is a whole life supporting organization for the Washington DC area. They focus on LGBTQ youth ages 13-21.

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