Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gay Maine

Maine, forested rolling mountains and beautiful coastline. Today is your day.

Bowdoin College has two resources. The first is their Queer-Trans Resource Center. It offers education, support, and campus advocacy. The second source is the Bowdoin Queer Straight Alliance. They are much the same as the first source but student led and more focused on student advocacy and support.

GLSEN has chapters in Downeast Maine and Southern Maine. They are basic sites. They should be able to offer similar resources as the national one.

The University of Maine has their GLBT Services. There are several links to other campus groups and resources.

Southern Maine Pride is a group dedicated to education, outreach, and social events.

Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine (PRYSM) is a support and leadership organization for LGBTQ youth. Volunteer opportunities are available.

Love is Never Wrong

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