Sunday, November 7, 2010

Links of Love International IV

For my international viewers I have some more resources for you. I hope they help.

Pink News is a news service covering news throughout the UK, Europe, and the world. (UK)

Gay Men's Health is a Scotland based Charity for gay and bisexual men. The seek to educate and improve health, social and mental well being,  and sexual knowledge.  (Scotland)

Gay Health Network focus' on sexual health and helping those with HIV. Good info and links are available. (Ireland)

Gay Jamaica Watch is a blog about LGBT life in Jamaica. Nicely written and informative. (Jamaica)

Doin' Costa Rica is a blog about life and travel in Costa Rica. Much of the LGBT content is on a separate blog in their links. Warning there may be adult content on that link. So be aware. (Costa Rica)

Today's last link is a list of support service's for Toronto. It is hosted by Gay Toronto. (Canada)

Love is Never Wrong

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