Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gay Wisconsin

Wisconsin from its highlands to the lowlands its heavily forested. Your never to far from water however. Today is your day.

PFLAG has chapters in Madison and Oshkosh. Both have only basic online information. If you need info or help contact them however. Most PFLAG chapters have great resources to help.

Fair Wisconsin is an advocacy organization.

The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center offers health and education information, advocacy, and some social events.

The LGBT Community Center of the Chippewa Valley does have good links and resources. It however is the only one I have seen so far the requires a membership fee.

OutReach is an LGBT Community Center in Madison. There is a great deal to view here. Volunteer opportunities are available.

La Crosse Pride is a social event that seeks to educate and celebrate our community. Go and have fun!

Lawrence University has GLOW. It seems to be mainly supportive in nature. Not a lot is online so check into yourself.

The LGBT Resource Center Seven Rivers Region offers education, support, and safe havens for the LGBT community.

The University of Wisconsin at La Crosse has two resource sites. There is the Pride Center and Rainbow Unity. Rainbow Unity is in the style of a gay-straight alliance and is more  supportive and education group. The Pride Center seems to be a support the whole life approach to their students, faculty and families of both. Check them out.

Positive Voice is a LGBT news and information site. They cover the northeast of the state. Many links and resources are available.

Love is Never Wrong

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