Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Links of Love International V

For all my international viewers I have more links for you. I strive to find helpful resources for all those who view. If there is something you need please ask. I will do my best to help you find it. A note for tomorrow I will have a special Links of Love International. Check back to see it.

The AIDS Trust of Australia raises funds to prevent, treat, and find a cure for HIV/AIDS. (Australia)


The Feast Festival is held in Adelaide. They are mainly a social and support event for the gay and lesbian community of south Australia. Volunteer opportunities are available. (Australia)


Taiwan Pride is a growing LGBT social event. (Taiwan)


The Argentine Homosexual Community offers many links and resources. (Argentina)


La Fulana focus' on women, lesbian and bisexual. There seems to be many links and resources. If someone speaking Spanish could help with a better review please let me know. (Argentina)


COC Nederlad is a organization dedicated to LGBT advocacy, education, and support. They have some good links and resources. Check them out. This site is available in English, French, and Dutch. (Netherlands)


Love is Never Wrong

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