Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gay Tennessee

Tennessee the true crossroads of America. From Appalachia to the Mississippi there is much to see and do. Country, Jazz, Blues, and rock music can fill your soul. So today's links are for you.

PFLAG in Nashville covers the central portion of the state. It is a basic site but like most PFLAG groups contact usually reveal much more help.

The University of Tennessee Spectrum is a gay and straight alliance.!/group.php?gid=4978418511&v=wall

PFLAG Chattanooga does not have their own site but here is a listing for them.

Tennessee Valley Pride is an organization devoted to support, education, and advocacy for the LGBT community.

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has the Lambda Student Union. They offer education, support, social events, and some advocacy to students.

PFLAG Knoxville is another basic listing for the local PFLAG chapter. Still make contact they should be able to help you.

PFLAG Maryville is a more organized site with decent links and resources. Check them out.

The Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community center has many helpful resources and links

The Tennessee Equality Project seeks to educate and advocate for the LGBT community.

The Vanderbilt Lambda Association offers education, support, social events, and advocacy for students. It is a gay and straight alliance.!/VULambda?v=wall

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