Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gay West Virginia

West Virginia, the heart of Appalachia. Vast natural wonders and a hard working people. Today is your day.

Fairness West Virginia is an advocacy organization. They strive to bring equality and safe environments for the  LGBT community at home, work, or school.

Rainbow Pride West Virginia seems to be a social and support group. They don't define themselves to much online. If anyone knows more about them please let me know.

Marshall University has a LGBTO Outreach Center. They offer education, support, and social programs. Volunteer opportunities are available.

West Virginia University BiGLT Mountaineers is a gay-straight alliance style group. They offer education, support, and social resources.

Shepard College Allies is a gay-straight alliance. They are a general support organization with some nice links.

Love is Never Wrong

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