Saturday, November 20, 2010

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today we remember all those we have lost from the Transgender community. Sadly there have been to many. Unlike the rest of us in the LGBT community they have the fewest numbers and may suffer some of the harshest struggles.

Many people may not understand Transgender and why they wish to do such drastic changes. I think that is where people get hung up. It's not about the change as it is about discovering who you are and trying to be that person. That is essentially what its about.

We all go through self discovery in life. Being LGBT only makes it harder. When we get to the T portion of that list it's probably the hardest. Trying to find yourself and struggling to find definition when the definition that is you is another sex. I admire all those that endure this test and do discover their place.

Violence and discrimination at our community is bad. For our Transgender brothers and sisters it can be downright harsh and deadly. I can only imagine the fear they face at times. It can't be easy to to have to reassign yourself and deal with such hatred. I'm sure that why so many try to live silent lives.

If you don't understand Transgender issues then please learn about them. We are all Human in this wonderful spectrum of life. The Transgender among us add brilliant hue to our rainbow. Please be there for them, support them, and remember them in our struggles. We are one and our issues are the same. Only the details change.

Noting I have not addressed Transgender resources enough myself. I hearby pledge to redouble my efforts to find them for all of you. Look for a special post this coming week with more links. does a wonderful job listing ceremonies and telling us why we celebrate this day. Please check them out. A special thanks to Dan Heagney for making me aware of this link.

Love is Never Wrong

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