Tuesday, November 2, 2010

News, Blog Style

News can be informative. If you add in a blog style you get a wide range of opinion and interpretation. Here are some sites with unique views. Join in and interact.

Joe. My. God.  is a blog that offers everything in the news from the serious to pop culture. Good reviews and insights.


Towelroad is closer to traditional news with well written and supported information. Still they have a alluring style to them.


Queerty  is most definitly an opinion based service. They will love or hate you, little in between. The use of rapier wit or an old fashioned club will get their point across. All that aside they present the issues and certainly make you think.


Gayzette is a Denver, Colorado based news blog. It has charm and is well written. They are focused mainly on their local area but do cover larger stories.


Love is Never Wrong

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