Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pride & Definition

Today I am taking a break from links to address an issue that is all to prevalent in our community. I want to talk about Pride and Definition. Two topics that are so mixed up and hard for so many to grasp.

Pride is a simple concept and most of us struggle with it. Society has not made our journey to self discovery easy but when we do come into our own we should have pride. Pride is not only about ourselves but of all those who share our struggles. We are one no matter how we try to define ourselves.

Take pride in being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or whatever identity or orientation you are. Take pride in those who struggle much the same way you do. They may be worlds apart in expression but it's a common journey we share and that is our Pride! We do not walk alone and should never think so. We should never hold the differences we share as excuses or as a hindrance to ourselves.

It can be easy to separate ourselves from the people in our community who stick out the most because we are not like them and society frowns upon them. We must struggle against those thoughts. The concept that someone is doing something wrong or not being normal is our biggest enemy.

The first step to making a better world for all of us is to shatter stereotypes. No one should be held to someone else' mould. We are all unique and beautiful people. We have to realize that though. Which is an important part of pride.

There is a reason why our community chose a rainbow flag as our symbol. It represents all the variations that make us up and define us. We are a beautiful spectrum of life and like the rainbow we are all unique and wondrous.

I know our struggle to define ourselves can be so difficult at times. We all have our challenges. So allow me to offer some advice from my own struggles. First and foremost define you. Don't worry about others definitions worry about your own. We can never be anyone else. We may be similar but never the same.

When you realize and accept you are you and others are themselves then you begin to have pride. People may try to rationalize you or compare you but don't allow it and certainly don't buy into it. Once you have that pride be proud. If that means you act feminine or masculine, you do drag, or even become vivid and colorful in a gay pride parade more power to you.

Only you know what makes you happy and how you are supposed to be. The same can be said of others. Respect should always be given, especially to those who are most different to you. Everyone deserves respect and dignity. Never dismiss or condemn them for expressing who they are.

When you are sure of yourself be proud. You have probably gone through one of the toughest journeys of self discovery we as Humans experience. Be proud that everyone else who struggled is now who they are. because in the end we are all a family of the rainbow. We come in many shapes, colors, sizes, orientation, identity', and definitions. Most importantly we are ourselves and because of that we are a unity of difference.

So to borrow a line from a song  "...I see your true colors, and that's why I love you, so don't be afraid to let them show, your true color, true colors are beautiful, like a rainbow."

Love is Never Wrong

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