Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Links of Love International: Gay Italy

From ancient times to today Italy have served as a rich cultural hub. Mild climate and varied terrain makes it an ideal place to live. So to my Italian readers today is for you.  Rispetto e dignità solo provengono da uguaglianza.

Torino Pride is a educational and support event for the LGBT community.

Arcigay is an advocacy group seeking to educate, support, and put forward LGBT rights.

Roma Pride is a wonderful social and support event. It fosters community and educates people we are not so different.

Polis Aperta is Italy's gay police network. They are an advocacy group and strive to create a safe environment for the LGBT community. is a Italian language multimedia site. Check it out.

Arcilesbica is a national lesbian association. A bit much for my translator. Could someone please give me a review of it?

Love is Never Wrong

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