Friday, December 24, 2010

Charity Begins at Home

Today I would like to follow up on yesterdays post of goodwill. Many of us can do things to help make a difference in the lives of the people in our community and we should. So here are some suggestions to begin your own initiative.

Although equality and equal protection is a great goal for our larger advocacy groups even if it passed tomorrow it would be many years before society catches up. Let's face it it takes time to undo social stigmas and prejudice. The area I have always advocated for is aiding those in need, whatever the need.

Become your own shelter or community center. Maybe you have a garage or extra storage area can you keep items in. Collect clothing and food from friends or the community and distribute to those in need. If you can cook you could cook a meal for the homeless youth in our community. That same garage could hold several people and you could play games, read, or watch a movie. Many times its a safe zone where those in need can escape to that keep them healthier.

If the direct approach concerns you then do so more discreetly. Find a shelter that takes in LGBT people and support them the same ways. Hold yard sales, bake sales, collect money, maybe your own telethon to members of the LGBT community in your area. Donate whatever you and your friends can. Volunteer your time and be a role model and offer encouragement.

Be a resource to those in your area. Find out what is available to them and be a point of reference for those in need. We all can keep a handy list or book of sources to turn to. Finding the right help is the most difficult thing for people. They have to rely upon word of mouth and that takes time.

Advocate! The process of advocating to help people is not just something for large organizations or groups. We can all do so. Ensure your community has equal resources for the LGBT community. Make people aware of the plight in your area. Inequality and injustice are usually fought by one person daring to stand for what is right.

Finally give freely without expectation of return. Our reward is in knowing whoever we have helped has a little solace from our efforts. If we can make one persons life easier and a little less bleak we have done a job well done. So please make a difference in the lives of those who need it, however you can.

Love is Never Wrong

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