Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gay Wyoming

Wyoming the Equality State. Their motto is Equal Rights. I hope they live up to that. Today is your day. Unfortunately their is not much I've found. I hope this helps.

Wyoming Equality is a community center and advocacy group rolled into one. They offer resources on education and support, organize social events, and advocate. They operate a hotline for youth and have opportunities for volunteers.


PFLAG has a chapter in Jackson. They have little listed online but most PFLAG groups have more resources locally. Contact them if you need something. They should be able to help or direct you to help.


The University of Wyoming has its Rainbow Resource Center. They are available to help not only students and faculty but the community of Laramie and all of southeast Wyoming. They are mainly focused toward educational resources but do have references to social and support as well.


Love is Never Wrong

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