Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Struggle

A small glimmer of renewed hope occurred yesterday. Congress, here in the U.S., repealed their Don't Ask Don't Tell policy from the military. It is a good step but it is only a step. Jubilation should be reserved for the day we all have equality and are treated with respect and dignity.  Our work goes on and should not waiver. Still smile and take a moment to hug a friend or loved one in celebration. It has been a long march to this point and we owe all that came before us and began our struggle. We are reaping what they have sown. Never forget the work it took to get here and the work yet to come. Certainly we have much left to do.

Today I want to offer some words for all those out there who still struggle. Please listen and take them to heart.

I know the journey we all must take to self discovery is a difficult path and the conflicts we must over come seem insurmountable. But know this, a colony of termites can fell the strongest tree and a swarm of bees can defeat the greatest foe.  Our strength is in unity and numbers. Stand strong and be unyielding. You are not fighting for a privilege delegated from some benevolent group. You are fighting for Human rights. They are not granted, they are an endowment simply because we exist as Humans. Never let anyone dehumanize you.

We are all beings of light. Shame, fear, and pain have made many of us dim our luminance it a dingy gray glow. Life can be difficult. It can be so difficult. We can feel like we are drowning in a sea hate, alone and naked in cold watery depths. Please realize that's not true.

Our sea of misery is from our own tears. It is our pain and our creation. You are a being of light. Stand and let yourself shine for the world to see. Yes we may suffer insult, injury, and great pain. We however can look upon our transgressors with dignity and pride. Realize that ocean is not a cold lonely sea. It is the pain of countless generations struggling to be free and live life in peace.

It is not a body that you can sink or drown in. It is the sea that shall engulf all those that have wrought hate, pain, and atrocity. You are a being of light that shall always rise above its waves and walk upon it like a serene meadow. Your light is a beacon to all those like you lost amongst the storm of intolerance and fear.

Shine! Shine your life, your love, your very soul. Unlearn the fear, unlearn the hate, unlearn the intolerance. We always have been, are, and always shall be Human! We are good! We are deserving of love! Realize that!

We are not an abomination! We are the product of or our creator or of creation. There is no flaw in us. We are as we are meant to be. Shine your light upon those who seek dark paths. Glare your disapproval with your head held high in security of knowledge that the abomination is in them.  An act of hate is a denial of love. To deny love is inhuman.

Know that you are never naked and alone in this world. Love is your mantle and what a beautiful raiment it is. Loneliness is not our destiny we need only shine for all things are attracted to light and love conquers all. If you seek comfort always do so in the light of yourself or others who shine. Honesty and love are your guides.

Like a star in the heavens you have your place and radiate from it. You are one of many great points of light glimmering in a great chorus. All that we are and desire is all that we should be. Use your glow to luminate others and show them how to shine. And like the stars twinkle, for laughter is stronger than tears. What a wonderful warm embrace it is.

Save your tears for those destined for the sea. For they can not see in the darkness of its cold lonely depths. They have ceased to even glow. That is why they seek to steal the light of those who shine.

Shine! Know that this point of light welcomes you to join our cosmic dance through the heavens. So again I say Shine! We await with love, compassion, and understanding for you on your ascent.

Love is Never Wrong

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