Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gay Delaware

Delaware, The First State, is certainly a symbol for independence and liberty. Today is your day.

The Rainbow Chorale of Delaware serves the LGBT community through musical expression. Join in and let you voice be heard or make the time and listen. Either way let your heart sing in unity.


Delaware Pride is a social event. They seek to educate and raise community awareness, while supporting the LGBT community. Go and have fun and be amongst those who will inspire and set you free.


The University of Delaware has two resources. The first is their Office for LGBT Community Issues. It offers resources, support, and advocacy. The second resource is Haven. They are student run and offer support, education, social events, and advocacy.



PFLAG has a chapter in Wilmington. They have a wonderful set of links. Like most PFLAG sites they should be able to help with whatever need you have or direct you to help. Please check them out.


The Delaware Liberty Fund is and advocacy group.


AIDS Delaware has many many resources and program available. Everything from testing to support, to youth. They are a very good site.


CAMP Rehoboth is a community center. They offer education, community awareness, social events, support, and advocacy.


Love is Never Wrong

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