Thursday, December 9, 2010

Youth, Advocacy, & Bullying

Today I wanted to post some more resources to help those that need it most, our youth. Life can be hard enough in normal situations but toss in issues facing our youth and they need help. So here are some more links to help and hopefully make you thrive.

The Gay Youth Corner is a support group for LGBT youth where ever they live in the world.

The National Youth Advocacy Coalition fights to ensure LGBTQ youth are safe both physically and emotionally. Volunteer opportunities are available.

Advocates for Youth is a organization dedicated to improving youths sexual health and knowledge. They are not LGBT specific but have a lot of information for many levels from youth to educators.

Reachout is a support group for bullying and other pressures youth must face. They have a hotline.

Make it Better is a very nice support site for youth and adults. They have many links and videos. Check them out.

Fierce is a New York based advocacy and support group for LGBTQ youth of color.

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